OLLA HMD 2 ONLY - Olla Bowls
OLLA HMD 2 ONLY - Olla Bowls
OLLA HMD 2 ONLY - Olla Bowls


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We challenged ourselves to do something that no one has ever done before: to successfully produce a clay HMD that not only works properly but also enhances your sessions like never before!

What does the new OLLA HMD 2 have compared to old OLLA HMD 1:

  • 5x easier temperature control compared to the old one;
  • 2x wide temperature control;
  • No ash accidentally falling out;
  • Bigger coals capacity;
  • No more direct exposure to heat radiation;

And what about compared to a metallic hmd?
  • More accumulation of the heat;
  • 5x easier to clean;
  • Coals last longer;
  • It can hold more charcoals;
  • Can hold very long session
  • It is made of a studied mix of clays and food grade glaze, it does not lose metal particles that can damage your body, which makes it healthier to enjoy tobacco.

OLLA HMD 2 ONLY - Olla Bowls