OPI Y - Olla Bowls
OPI Y - Olla Bowls
OPI Y - Olla Bowls
OPI Y - Olla Bowls


Item details:

Material: Italian white clay;

Weight: 0,5 kg;

Color: blue, yellow, white;

Bowl height: 9.5 cm;

Diameter: 8.5 cm;

Capacity: 12-20gr.



 Gradual heating and balanced temperature which allows to enjoy your Hookah session for a longer time, never exceeding 100°C (212° F) thanks to the Italian white clay quality used;

 Suitable for all the most common heat control devices on the market and with aluminum foil;

 Handmade detailed decorations;

 No ash leaks;

 Easy to clean with hot water and soap;

 Sharing is caring: enjoy your Hookah experience like you were smoking an Italian masterpiece. 

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🔎Curiosities: Opi was an Archaic Roman Deity who impersonated the earth and used to bring good luck on harvests. She was also protector of grain, and for this reason was often portrayed with a cornucopia, some grain and a scepter. Two temples were built in Rome in her honor, and Romans used to celebrate her the 25th of August with feasts which were called "Opiconsivia".  

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OPI Y - Olla Bowls
OPI Y - Olla Bowls