The one and only Anders - Olla Bowls
The one and only Anders - Olla Bowls
The one and only Anders - Olla Bowls

The one and only Anders

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This 1 of 1 bowl, it is not replicable.


Item details:

Material: Italian white clay;

Weight: 0,5 kg;

Color: white soap bubble;

Bowl height: 9.5 cm;

Diameter: 8.5 cm;

Capacity: 12-20gr.



 Olla heat management device is a revolutionary choice which allows you to smoke without using metal items, making your Hookah session healthier, in order to savor the pure taste of your favorite tobaccos (blond and black).

Our new Omicron bowls are filled with clay and come with phunnels characterized by a spherical expansion in the middle part of them called "PEAR-SHAPED PHUNNEL". The bowls take some seconds longer to get warm, but the heat retention greatly improves. Another improvement is also the sound, that we like to define “drumming”.

Thanks to the changes we’ve made, the resistance to impacts makes our new bowls “as hard as a stone!”.

 Gradual heating and balanced temperature which allows to enjoy your Hookah session for a longer time, never exceeding 100°C (212° F) thanks to the Italian white clay quality used;

 Suitable for all the most common heat control devices on the market and with aluminum foil;

 Handmade detailed decorations;

 No ash leaks;

 Easy to clean with hot water and soap;

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The one and only Anders - Olla Bowls