The secrets of Olla clay

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Ciao to all OLLA BOWLS addicted,

I am Lucrezia Conti one of the Founders of OLLA, today I want you to know more about the clays we use, so let's start immediately ......


The first thing you need to know about OLLA is that it is composed of a special mix of "faïence", the name derives from the city of Faenza, which for centuries was one of the major European producers.

The choice of this clay is characterized by its excellent heat capacity, the qualitative heating of tobacco, the duration and intensity of the smoke and the absence of burns on the walls.​
OLLA craftsmen work and decorate the clay since they were children, their artistic potential is unsurpassed, they have been influenced by the various artistic styles developed in the most famous ceramic cities in Italy.
We are very proud of the OLLA artisans, together with them, we are aiming to revolutionize the bowls world market, with a product that is the essence of history, art and made in Italy.​
If you are curious to know more about how we decorate the OLLA Bowls by hand,
Click here 

Best wishes

CEO e Founder

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